• tumour
  • Physicians at Henry Ford Hospital successfully performed a minimally invasive kidney removal after clearing the tumour. (medindia.net)
  • Knowing if Wilms tumour has spread to the lymph nodes, the other kidney or nearby organs helps the healthcare team determine the stage and further treatment. (cancer.ca)
  • During the operation to remove the tumour, the surgeon will also remove lymph nodes near the kidney. (cancer.ca)
  • In theory, when the kidney tumour is still in place, there are millions of cancer cells. (kidneycancercanada.ca)
  • This study will be looking at whether a different technique, called contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), can be used to effectively follow patients who have had radiofrequency ablation (RFA) treatment for a kidney lesion or kidney tumour. (kidneycancercanada.ca)
  • adrenal
  • In this procedure, your surgeon takes out the affected kidney, the attached adrenal gland, and the surrounding fatty tissue. (pvhomed.com)