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  • Also discussed are the differential diagnoses and imaging features of other solid fetal renal masses, including congenital mesoblastic nephroma, nephroblastomatosis, renal sarcoma and angiomyolipoma. (rare-cancer.org)
  • cancer
  • The laboratory investigations including complete blood picture, blood biochemistry, cervical cytology and cancer antigen (CA-125) were within normal range. (jpgo.org)
  • [ 1 ] Cancers that are confined within the wall of the colon may be curable with surgery while cancer that has spread widely are usually not curable, with management focusing on improving quality of life and symptoms. (omicsgroup.org)
  • years
  • The classic warning signs include: worsening constipation , blood in the stool, decrease in stool caliber (thickness), loss of appetite, loss of weight, and nausea or vomiting in someone over 50 years old. (omicsgroup.org)
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  • Medical disease after abdominal solid organ transplantation and the risk of solid and hematologic malignant tumor after transplantation) -- 6 Indication and timing -- 7. (stanford.edu)