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  • The signs and symptoms of X-linked recessive hypoparathyroidism are characteristic of hypoparathyroidism and its consequent hypocalcemia. (wikipedia.org)
  • People with this type of ataxia share many characteristic symptoms including: frequent falls due to poor balance imprecise hand coordination postural or kinetic tremor of extremities or trunk dysarthria dysphasia vertigo diplopia lower extremity tendon reflexes dysmetria minor abnormalities in ocular saccades attention defects impaired verbal working memory and visuospatial skills Normal life expectancy Autosomal recessive ataxias are generally associated with a loss of proprioception and vibration sense. (wikipedia.org)
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  • The first Recessive Pied budgerigar, a green and yellow cock of unknown pedigree, was seen at a Copenhagen bird show about 1928. (wikipedia.org)