• inhibitors
  • In RPE, alphavbeta5 binding was maximally activated even before any phagocytic challenge and was reduced by PKC inhibitors.Furthermore, alphavbeta5 but not alphavbeta3 particle binding required actin microfilaments.These data constitute the first evidence that noninflammatory phagocytes actively regulate the earliest phase of phagocytic clearance, particle binding, by controlling receptor activity. (nih.gov)
  • inflammatory
  • PTX3 is produced by a variety of cells and tissues, most notably dendritic cells and macrophages, in response to Toll-like receptor (TLR) engagement and inflammatory cytokines. (uni-goettingen.de)
  • component
  • The IL-35 receptor consists of IL-12R2 (IL-12 component) and gp130 (IL-27 component), and activates the STAT1 and STAT4 signalling pathways . (termedia.pl)