• cytoplasmic domain
  • Similar to other members of the superfamily, the G-CSF receptor contains no intrinsic kinase activity in the cytoplasmic domain and transduces signals via interacting with cytoplasmic kinases. (jimmunol.org)
  • The fragment, corresponding to the membrane-bound receptor lacking a 27-amino acid insertion in the cytoplasmic domain of the mature polypeptide, was cloned into the BamHI/EagI site of pBluescript 2 KS+ (Stratagene, La Jolla, CA) by the use of T4 deoxyribonuclease ligase (MBI, Sunderland, UK), generating the clone pBSG-CSFR. (armiart.com)
  • neutropenic
  • Mice carrying an equivalent G-CSF receptor mutation were neutropenic, although bone marrow cells from these mice were hyperproliferative in response to G-CSF ( 23 , 24 ). (jimmunol.org)
  • Neutrophil accumulation in joints was inhibited, without rendering animals neutropenic, suggesting an effect of G-CSF receptor blockade on neutrophil homing to inflammatory sites. (nih.gov)
  • activate
  • To investigate the molecular basis for these cytokine interactions, we analyzed the relationship between the receptor subunits for IL-3 and TPO and determined whether both receptors activate identical signal transduction pathways. (semanticscholar.org)