• sideroblasts
  • 40% of erythroblasts are ring sideroblasts, anisocytosis, basophilic stippling, reticulocytes with impaired heme synthesis, ↓ delta ALA synthetase and protease activity Treatment Pyridoxine is often administered, usually without therapeutic response Prognosis ISA is usually characterized by chronic stable anemia, and less commonly by evolution to leukemia, or to BM failure. (thefreedictionary.com)
  • cases
  • Three of the cases (33.3%), two with MDS RARS and one with MDSRA, showed a significant improvement in the number of total leukocyte, neutrophil and reticulocyte counts and a decrease in the requirement of erithrocyte transfusions. (tjh.com.tr)
  • response rates
  • Significantly higher response rates were observed with less than 10% blasts, low and int-1 International Prognostic Scoring System (IPSS), red blood cell transfusion independence, serum EPO level less than 200 IU/L, and, with IWG 2006 criteria only, shorter interval between diagnosis and treatment. (bloodjournal.org)