• In addition to the sulfuric and nitric acid from the precipitation itself, acid rain also releases aluminum into aquatic systems from its interaction with soils in a watershed. (reference.com)
  • When acid rain flows through soils in a watershed, it releases aluminum. (reference.com)
  • Acid rain reduces crop productivity and forest growth rates and accelerates the rate at which metals and nutrients are leached from soils. (slideserve.com)
  • Acid rain also causes severe damage to trees and forests at higher elevations because it strips the soil of vital nutrients and releases aluminum, which impedes trees from absorbing water. (reference.com)
  • Acid rain produces stressful and sometimes deadly fluctuations in water systems causing aquatic life to experience chemical "shock" effects. (slideserve.com)
  • The influx of acid rain and aluminum makes waters toxic to most aquatic organisms, including fish, clams and crayfish. (reference.com)
  • Acid rain reduces the ability of trees and plants to withstand disease, insects and cold temperatures, and it may also affect reproduction in trees. (reference.com)