• dose
  • Eligible patients (see below) will receive radiotherapy to the primary tumor and the initially involved mediastinal lymph nodes on FDG-PET scan to a dose of 45 Gy in 30 fractions in 3 weeks (1.5 Gy BID with minimum 6 h interfraction interval). (knowcancer.com)
  • The radiotherapy regimen included external beam radiation therapy (45-50.4Gy/25-28 fractions with central shielding after 30.6Gy) and high-dose-rate brachytherapy irradiation (35-49Gy/5-7 fractions to point A). The chemotherapy regimen was weekly intravenous infusion of nedaplatin (30 mg/m 2 , once weekly, 180 mg/m 2 for 6 weeks). (springer.com)
  • These include dose escalation, more intensive schedules and concurrent chemo-radiotherapy. (knowcancer.com)
  • Study
  • The present study revealed a mechanism by which inhibition of DNA-PK sensitizes cells to irradiation suggesting that radiotherapy in combination with DNA-PK inhibitor is a promising paradigm for the management of NPC which merits further investigation. (spandidos-publications.com)