• Bayesian
  • Moreover, the EBL proved to be less sensitive to tuning than the related Bayesian adaptive LASSO (BAL), which introduces locus-specific regularization parameters as well, but involves no mechanism for distinguishing between model sparsity and parameter shrinkage. (genetics.org)
  • Our method, the extended Bayesian LASSO (EBL), introduces locus-specific regularization parameters and utilizes a parameterization that clearly separates the overall model sparsity from the degree of shrinkage of individual regression parameters. (genetics.org)
  • content
  • Oil content in cottonseed is a major quality trait which when improved through breeding could enhance the competitiveness of cottonseed oil among other vegetable oils. (springer.com)
  • crosses
  • joint analysis of these crosses can pinpoint the genetic backgrounds (strains) on which QTL arose, providing further insights into the genetic architecture of traits involved in food quality or disease. (genetics.org)