• Menisci
  • Menisci and cartilage, ligaments and bones are susceptible to anabolic metabolic processes and functional structural adaptations in response to increased activity and mechanical influences. (springer.com)
  • muscle and tendon
  • By contrast, acute strains or tears to the pectoralis muscle happen when a force goes through the muscle and tendon that is greater than they can withstand. (hughston.com)
  • Eccentric movement provides a braking mechanism for muscle and tendon groups that are experiencing concentric movement to protect joints from damage as the contraction is released. (wikipedia.org)
  • The role of eccentric training is to use these principles of energy conversion to strengthen muscle and tendon groups. (wikipedia.org)
  • flexor
  • However, some tendons will flex multiple joints and extend another (the flexor tendons of the hind limb, for example, will flex the fetlock, pastern, and coffin joint, but extend the hock joint). (wikipedia.org)
  • Extends the carpal, pastern, and coffin joints Deep digital flexor: 3 tendons of the deep digital flexor muscle travel distally and join at the carpus, where they pass through the carpal canal, and travel distally along the back of the leg, finally inserting into the palmar side of the third phalanx. (wikipedia.org)