• reaction
  • If a second nucleobase is added to the reaction medium the formation of a new nucleoside can result (transglycosylation). (unipv.it)
  • synthesis
  • The use of NPs from different biological sources as catalysts in nucleoside analogue synthesis can be therefore an advantageous alternative to "conventional" chemical synthesis to achieve more straightforward and efficient synthetic routes. (unipv.it)
  • liver
  • Foods that are known to contain large concentrations of purine include: sardines, anchovies, liver, brains, dried peas and beans. (gout-remedies.net)
  • Group
  • 11. The composition of claim 8 wherein said substrate is selected from the group comprising fludarabine, cladribine, analog of cordycepin, analog of 2',3'-dideoxyadenosine, 5'-methyl(talo)-6-methyl-purine-riboside, 5'-methyl(talo)-2'-deoxy-6-methylpurine-riboside, 5'-methyl(allo)-6-methylpurine-riboside, 2-F-5'-deoxyadenosine, or 2-F -. alpha. (patentsencyclopedia.com)