• senses
  • It is the goal of psychophysics to map out the relations between the physical events and the psychological responses of organisms, and thus to provide a basic, over-all description of the function of the senses. (encyclopedia.com)
  • spatial
  • Psychophysics measurements were performed in the same spatial frequencies plus 1 and 6 cpd, using identical spatio-temporal configuration as used in tVECP experiments (dynamic presentation) and using stationary stimuli (static presentation). (arvojournals.org)
  • function
  • The psychophysics of glaucoma: improving the structure/function relationship. (ulster.ac.uk)
  • The psychophysics and modeling framework we developed provides a quantitative assessment for the perceptual consequences of AMD and can potentially serve as a method for relating clinical findings in retinal imaging to perceptual function. (columbia.edu)