• item respon
  • This chapter discusses the theory behind latent variables in psychometrics particularly with regard to item response theory. (wikipedia.org)
  • However, certain approaches considered to be a part of psychometrics, including Classical test theory, Item Response Theory and the Rasch model, were originally developed more specifically for the analysis of data from educational assessments. (wikipedia.org)
  • scale
  • Kiernan, M., Moore, S. D., & Schoffman, D. E. (2011) Social support for healthy behaviors: Scale psychometrics and prediction of weight loss among women in a behavioral program. (springer.com)
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  • Dr Sandra Matz, a former PhD student at Cambridge now based at Columbia University, and her co-authors, including Dr David Stillwell from the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, have published a new study which demonstrates that companies only need one Facebook 'like' to effectively target potential customers. (cam.ac.uk)