• cough
  • Anyhow, now I have an horrible cough, aching chest and back, The Dr thinks it may be psittacosis which I caught 4 years ago after cleaning the chook house in windy weather! (backyardchickens.com)
  • Often psittacosis develops conjunctivitis.Patients are in a state of depression, they apathetic or, on the contrary, excited.Later, signs of laryngitis or tracheobronchitis, there is a cough.Also affect the cardiovascular system, which leads to hypotension, muffled heart sounds. (healthtipsing.com)
  • pigeons
  • A number of psittacosis viruses of pigeon origin showed a similarly increased pathogenicity for pigeons by the intracerebral route, as compared with psittacosis viruses of parrot origin. (rupress.org)
  • For the isolation of psittacosis of pigeon origin from human sputum the intracranial injection of mice or pigeons may be essential, although it is probable that the intranasal injection of mice would be successful. (rupress.org)