• Hauser
  • The first use of the term "Proteus" in bacteriological nomenclature was made by Hauser (1885), who described under this term three types of organisms which he isolated from putrefied meat. (wikipedia.org)
  • infections
  • Patients with recurrent infections, those with structural abnormalities of the urinary tract, those who have had urethral instrumentation, and those whose infections were acquired in the hospital have an increased frequency of infection caused by Proteus and other organisms (e.g. (wikipedia.org)
  • mythology
  • The history of the disease name came from Greek mythology, it is believed that god of the sea Proteus possessed the ability to change the shape of his body. (medigoo.com)
  • form
  • The term Proteus signifies changeability of form, as personified in the Homeric poems in Proteus, "the old man of the sea", who tends the sealflocks of Poseidon and has the gift of endless transformation. (wikipedia.org)