• value
  • APQC project manager Travis Colton explains how to build your business case or value proposition, step one of the planning phase of benchmarking. (apqc.org)
  • The value proposition for one person or organisation may vary differently depending on their needs and expectations, on why they want this product or service and the perceived value or benefit it will provide. (hrinz.org.nz)
  • The HR Value Proposition as defined by Keith Macky, from the HRINZ Business Performance course states that HR should be shifting our focus from the traditional view of how we do things (ie HR policies, processes, practices etc) to thinking more about what HR can deliver (human capital, transaction costs, cost efficiencies and other organisational benefits). (hrinz.org.nz)
  • A predicate is a proposition whose truth depends on the value of one or more variables. (answers.com)
  • safety
  • Proposition 215 , or the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 , is a California law allowing the use of medical cannabis despite marijuana's lack of the normal Food and Drug Administration testing for safety and efficacy. (wikipedia.org)