• management
  • AS government became complex and technical there was need to have people with technical skills hence many graduate schools of management, public health and social work began programs to train students for government positions and schools with public administration names were expanded or established. (exclusivepapers.com)
  • help
  • Advocates of school vouchers initiated a program in New York City that was privately funded to help poor families with children in the first three grades of disadvantaged public schools. (exclusivepapers.com)
  • establish
  • Example of social programs are like the one that was in many major cities in the U.S where funds were provided by a large private foundation to establish community health centers in low-income areas. (exclusivepapers.com)
  • needs
  • Scientific versus pragmatic evaluation postures that looks at evaluation as more of an art than science and need to be directed towards meeting needs of both stakeholder and people making decisions in the project while scientific studies strive to meet research standards. (exclusivepapers.com)