• patients
  • The increased precision offered by robotic-assisted surgery also means we can perform complex procedures on patients who might not otherwise have been candidates for those operations. (jfkmc.org)
  • This increased use of the da Vinci Xi Surgical System is part of a larger commitment the medical center has made to offering patients a wide array of sophisticated operative technologies, and is accompanied by an expansion of our roster of surgeons in various specialties who have been trained in robotic procedures. (jfkmc.org)
  • surgery
  • Robotic surgery actually enhances surgeons' ability to visualize the anatomy, control the movement of very delicate instruments, and perform with great precision procedures often beyond the capability of other minimally invasive modalities. (jfkmc.org)
  • incidence
  • As the incidence of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and earlier incidental detection of small kidney masses has steadily risen over the past twenty years, minimally-invasive management of these lesions has become more common. (sages.org)
  • surgeon
  • This technology provides a surgeon with the same range of motion in maneuvering his or her wrist that he or she would have in a traditional procedure. (jfkmc.org)