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  • In addition to its relatively high absorptivity, excellent fluorescence quantum yield and good water solubility, fluorescein has an excitation maximum of 494 nm that closely matches the 488 nm spectral line of the argon-ion laser, making it an important fluorophore for confocal laser-scanning microscopy and flow cytometry applications. (abcam.com)
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  • To obtain a high contrast image, pCLE requires contrast injection such as fluorescein, which diffuses through the capillaries and stains the extracellular matrix of the surface epithelium [ 6 ]. (hindawi.com)
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  • HCMV replicates in primary cytotrophoblasts (CTBs), the specialized cells of the placenta, and inhibits differentiation/invasion. (mdpi.com)
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  • Although recent studies indicate that the frequency of hearing loss is similar in pregnancies complicated by primary and recurrent infection, the severity is greater in cases of primary infection [ 6 , 7 ]. (mdpi.com)