• intravenous
  • Premedication for jejunal biopsy in childhood using intravenous diazepam and metoclopramide. (bmj.com)
  • b If a glucocorticoid-containing chemotherapy regimen is administered on the same day as GAZYVA, the glucocorticoid can be administered as an oral medication if given at least 1 hour prior to GAZYVA, in which case additional intravenous glucocorticoid as premedication is not required. (gazyva.com)
  • patient
  • When there is no reasonable alternative and/or when the risk of undergoing the contrast procedure is outweighed by the risk of the diagnostic uncertainty at hand, the patient should undergo contrast allergy premedication. (triadradiology.com)
  • study
  • A pilot study comparing hydrocortisone premedication to concomitant azathioprine treatment in preventing loss of response to infliximab. (druglib.com)
  • standard
  • Regimens updated and published by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology Foundation (2017) are adopted as the standard for prophylactic antibiotic premedication within this interpretation guideline. (cdhbc.com)