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  • Here, we comparatively analyzed the response of gut epithelial cells to IFN-β and IFN-λ 2 and identified a set of genes predominantly induced by IFN-λ 2 . (frontiersin.org)
  • In summary, NK1R-expressing cells of the VRG are a heterogeneous group of predominantly glutamatergic neurons that include subpopulations of respiratory premotor neurons. (jneurosci.org)
  • The cross-linking agent hexamethylphosphoramide predominantly induces intra-locus and multi-locus deletions in postmeiotic germ cells of Drosophila. (genetics.org)
  • The human IPMK fused with a fluorescent protein tag is localized predominantly in the nucleus when transiently expressed in mammalian cells. (biochemj.org)