• emissions
  • However, that analysis, and another one done for the province the same year on the effects of cross-border air pollution, reported that the phase-out of coal would have only very modest effects on Ontario air quality, which is consistent with emissions inventory data showing that electric power generation was a minor contributor to particulate and ozone pollution at the time. (fraserinstitute.org)
  • We find a statistically significant reduction in peak O3 levels from the coal phase-out, offset by a significant increase associated with natural gas plant emissions. (fraserinstitute.org)
  • This proposal by NV Energy is part of a growing trend with U.S. Western power companies to reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions by shutting coal-fired power plants. (reuters.com)
  • Units
  • The Salt River Project in Arizona operates the three 750-MW Units at the Navajo plant. (reuters.com)
  • NV Energy said the NVision plan does not affect its current plans to retire the two units at the 522-MW Valmy coal plant in northern Nevada in 2021 and 2025. (reuters.com)
  • Nevada
  • Over the next 10 years, NV Energy proposed to accelerate the retirement of its 553-megawatt (MW) Reid Gardner coal plant in southern Nevada and end its interest in the 2,250-MW Navajo coal plant in north central Arizona. (reuters.com)