• medial
  • Neurons located in the medial bank of the intraparietal sulcus (MIP) and adjacent areas 5v and V6A, which together form the parietal reach region in the macaque monkey, are active during the planning of reaching and also when the initial motor plan is modified (Snyder et al. (jneurosci.org)
  • Pre-Rolandic artery (precentral): The artery extends out on the medial surface of the operculum and supplies the posterior parts of the middle and inferior frontal gyri as well as the lower parts of the pre-central gyrus. (wikipedia.org)
  • spatial
  • Here we show that right parietal damage associated with spatial neglect leads to paradoxical facilitation (speeding) of rightward movements in the presence of conflicting leftward response plans. (ox.ac.uk)
  • visual
  • We demonstrated, for the first time in a parietal patient, that J.J. was unable to adapt to the visual perturbation induced by the optical prisms with either hand within four times the number of trials required by healthy adult subjects. (ox.ac.uk)