• enzyme
  • The team are the first to crystalize the enzyme bound to its substrate, the small molecule whose addition to polyketides it catalyses. (natureasia.com)
  • By generating mutated versions of the enzyme, the researchers also show that these two residues are critical for binding carbon dioxide, which is required for the extension of polyketides. (natureasia.com)
  • Our findings may lead to ways to deliberately alter and improve polyketides for clinical application," says Müller, "and we are now performing mechanistic and mutational studies of the enzyme. (natureasia.com)
  • Chalcone synthase or naringenin-chalcone synthase (CHS) is an enzyme ubiquitous to higher plants and belongs to a family of polyketide synthase enzymes (PKS) known as type III PKS. (wikipedia.org)
  • microbial
  • Availability of complete genome sequences for an increasing number of microbial organisms has provided opportunities for using in silico genome mining to decipher the secondary metabolite natural product repertoire encoded by these organisms. (igi-global.com)