• Th17
  • The crucial roles of TGF-b in the development of Th17 and T regulatory lymphocytes, the main cell types involved in autoimmunity and destructive immune related diseases, have been documented and this provides insights into TGF-b function during hepatitis infection and subsequent HCC and cirrhosis of the liver. (edu.au)
  • understood
  • Exactly how these local in-plane shear forces are spread throughout a tissue-important in collective tissue behavior-is not understood, in part because it is difficult to apply direct, localized shear within a tissue. (phys.org)
  • human
  • At least twenty chemical elements are known to be required to support human biochemical processes by serving structural and functional roles as well as electrolytes . (wikipedia.org)
  • evolution
  • Flower color produces some of the most beautiful displays in nature and serves an important function in the ecology and evolution of plants by attracting animal pollinators ( Glover, 2007 ). (frontiersin.org)