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  • Although placebos are biologically inert, as many as 26% of placebo-treated patients drop out of clinical trials after suffering intolerable side effects, which are usually the same as the possible side effects of the drug being tested. (weforum.org)
  • I wouldn't necessarily encourage investors to give the cold shoulder to all companies running clinical trials measuring a subjective outcome -- Pfizer beat its extremely high placebo rate in a trial testing its rheumatoid arthritis drug -- but their chance at clinical success has to be discounted considerably. (fool.com)
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  • Although the reasons that we respond to placebos are not completely understood, medical researchers universally accept the importance of considering them when studying new treatments. (whole-dog-journal.com)
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  • Moreover, intriguing pilot research suggests that there may be genetic factors that predispose one to have greater placebo responses. (weforum.org)
  • In medical research, an average placebo response rate of 35 percent is reported, with rates as high as 90 percent for some health conditions. (whole-dog-journal.com)