• GVHD
  • The theory was tested by whether photochemotherapy had effects on GvHD in liver and gastrointestinal tract (GI), and if it affects the anti-tumor immunity post transplantation. (ki.se)
  • The key result was the possible synergistic-effect between ionizing irradiation and photochemotherapy, which may cure GI GvHD. (ki.se)
  • skin
  • The aim of the present thesis was to test the theory postulating that effects of photochemotherapy are confined to the skin. (ki.se)
  • The main theoretical background to the present studies was the effect of photochemotherapy on cell mediated immunity evident by an inhibition of the delayed type hypersensitivity of the skin and the ability to induce circulating immunomodulatory regulatory-T cells in human. (ki.se)
  • Severity of graft-versus-host disease confined to the skin predicts pulmonary mortality after irradiation, photochemotherapy possibly alleviates lung injury. (ki.se)