• liposomes
  • In addition, we find binding of charged nanoparticles to the outer surface of phospholipid liposomes produces particle-stabilized liposomes that repel one another and do not fuse. (illinois.edu)
  • This work not only provides a robust nanoparticle-liposome complex system which possesses many potential biomedical and biotechnological applications, but also offers new understanding and scholarship on the physical and biological characteristics of phospholipid liposomes such as membrane stability, permeability, rigidity, and biofunctionality. (illinois.edu)
  • anionic
  • It is hypothesized that complexes formed in vivo between bivalent, natural autoantibodies and beta-2 GP1 bind to translocated, anionic phospholipid on activated platelets at sites of endothelial injury. (mayomedicallaboratories.com)