• oesophagus
  • Further down behind the base of the tongue, where the epiglottis stands guard in front of the entry into the larynx (the glottis), the laryngeal part of the pharynx leads down behind that opening to reach the oesophagus. (encyclopedia.com)
  • digestive system
  • In the brainstem , the control centers of the organs of the digestive system and its descendants are positioned in a ring-form order , starting on the right brain hemisphere with the brain relays of the mouth and pharynx (incl. (learninggnm.com)
  • flap
  • Because both food and air pass through the pharynx, a flap of connective tissue called the epiglottis closes over the glottis when food is swallowed to prevent aspiration . (wikipedia.org)
  • base
  • Two explanations have been advanced: one proposes that new cells remain close to the base of the pharynx, which then grows by distal displacement of older cells, and the other suggests that the new cells are intercalated between older cells throughout the pharynx. (springer.com)