• qualifications
  • A detailed performance work statement was provided for the required services and, as relevant here, personnel qualifications. (gao.gov)
  • Increasingly, these decisions are based on simple tests performed at the point-of-care using devices that are waived from most federal oversight requirements (and are thus designated as waived tests), including requirements for personnel qualifications and training, quality control (QC) (unless specified as required in the test system instructions), proficiency testing (PT), and routine quality assessment. (cdc.gov)
  • Review
  • Finally, a review of Bank personnel policies showed that the Bank has consistently applied these policies despite allegations made by separated employees that they were treated unfairly. (gao.gov)
  • issues
  • Health personnel issues used to be dominated by the findings of the 1980 Graduate Medical Education National Advisory Committee study, which suggested that anesthesia would be a balanced specialty for the rest of the century. (asahq.org)