• outer
  • Oxidation occurs in the periplasm with the products being released into the medium via outer membrane porins and the electrons entering the electron transport chain. (up.ac.za)
  • Gram-negative bacteria possess a unique and complex cell envelope, composed of an inner and outer membrane separated by an intermediate cell wall-containing periplasm. (openrepository.com)
  • I study how Gram-negative bacteria build their outer membranes, which is interesting because the compartment between the inner and outer membranes, the periplasm, lacks any conventional source of energy. (massivesci.com)
  • coli
  • Three inverted repeat sequences upstream of the D. desulfuricans ATCC27774 nap (nitrate reduction in the periplasm) operon have high levels of similarity to the consensus sequence for the E. coli CRP DNA-binding site. (biochemsoctrans.org)
  • Upon introduction of the plasmids into the nonpathogenic E. coli K-12 strain, however, LT and CT accumulate mainly in the periplasm, in contrast to ETEC LT-secreting isolates from humans. (biomedcentral.com)
  • Proteins
  • To energize the transport process, TBDTs interact with the TonB complex, a cytoplasmic transmembrane assembly of the proteins ExbB and ExbD, which couples with the TonB in periplasm . (kenyon.edu)