• process
  • A self-serving bias is any cognitive or perceptual process that is distorted by the need to maintain and enhance self-esteem , or the tendency to perceive oneself in an overly favorable manner. (wikipedia.org)
  • Systems
  • IMPACTS will be developed to support several ongoing Navy and Marine Corps efforts, including Small Unit Decision Making (SUDM), the Infantry Small Unit Leaders Course (ISULC), and the Perceptual Training Systems and Tools (PercepTS) program. (sbir.gov)
  • claim
  • But, as Williamson notes, with her defenses fully engaged in rejecting the claim that Fairy is a superior cleaner, she accepts entirely the representation of women at the kitchen sink doing the washing up and the complete absence of any men helping out. (marketingweek.com)
  • view
  • From a psychophysicist's point of view, the "spontaneous" disappearance of a physically present and otherwise visible stimulus can result from only two causes: a drop in sensitivity and/or an upward shift of the perceptual decision criterion-with reference to which an observer will assert that the stimulus is or is not perceived. (arvojournals.org)
  • These results are the first indication that changes to color discrimination may occur during early pregnancy, and is consistent with the view that pregnancy sickness may function as an adaptive defense mechanism. (arcabc.ca)