• manipulation
  • These observations point out to Chlamydia-mediated manipulation of LDs in infected cells, which may impact the function and thereby the protein composition of these organelles. (duke.edu)
  • Molecular
  • For many pathogens, and certainly for most commensal microbes, the molecular basis of how host and microbial factors contribute to a beneficial outcome for us, is poorly understood. (duke.edu)
  • proteins
  • We determined that LDs isolated from C. trachomatis-infected cells were enriched in proteins related to lipid metabolism, biosynthesis and LD-specific functions. (duke.edu)
  • significantly
  • The seroprevalence of IgG in both assays (86.4% for ANILabsystems and 90.9% for Vircell) was significantly higher in the group of PCR C. trachomatis-positive women compared with that of PCR-negative women. (ugent.be)