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  • The best-known and perhaps most evolutionarily derived example of parthenogenesis in reptiles occurs within the Teiid genus of whiptail lizards known as Cnemidophorus. (wikipedia.org)
  • Parthenogenesis is a form of reproduction based on the development of non-fertilized female sex cells, which occurs with some frequency in flatworms, rotifers, tardigrades, crustaceans, insects, amphibians and reptiles, more rarely in some fish and, exceptionally, in birds. (blogspot.com)
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  • Genetics of female functional virginity in the Parthenogenesis-Wolbachia infected parasitoid wasp Telenomus nawai (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)" (PDF). (wikipedia.org)
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  • One common fact is that parthenogenesis is good in the case of turkey farming (where by some estimates nearly 40% are the result of asexual parthenogenesis) is that prize specimens bred specifically for size, meat-to-fat ratio (leanness) and other body attributes (wide breasts, meaty legs, bone size & density, etc.) can be replicated almost endlessly. (knoji.com)