• Limbs
  • On admission, neurological examination of his motor power was reduced (0/5) in both lower extremities (paraplegia), tendon reflexes in both lower limbs had increased, Babinski responses were positive, there was anesthesia/hypoesthesia for light touch, and there was hypoesthesia below the thoracal (T5-T6) dermatome. (hindawi.com)
  • individuals
  • Quality Of Life of Individuals with Paraplegia in Punjab. (ozon.ru)
  • The information about Quality of Life of individuals with Paraplegia in developing countries has not been reported extensively. (ozon.ru)
  • The project is an effort to evaluate the Quality Of Life of individuals with Paraplegia in Punjab via application of scales for ambulatory status, functional independence and community reintegration. (ozon.ru)
  • cause
  • Paraplegia in the horse is most commonly the result of injury inflicted on the dorsal or lumbar portion of the cord or its membranes , as when from some cause the latter become thickened and unduly press upon the former, or when they contain large quantities of fluid as the result of injury. (chestofbooks.com)