• enzyme
  • Papain is a relatively heat-resistant enzyme, with an optimal temperature range of 60 and 70 °C. Papain prefers to cleave at: (hydrophobic)-(Arg or Lys)- cleaves here -(not Val). (wikipedia.org)
  • present
  • Its whitening effect is, however, minimal because the papain is present in low concentrations and is quickly diluted by saliva. (wikipedia.org)
  • main
  • Papain is the main ingredient of Papacarie, a gel used for chemomechanical dental caries removal. (wikipedia.org)
  • cells
  • Papain can be used to dissociate cells in the first step of cell culture preparations. (wikipedia.org)
  • A ten-minute treatment of small tissue pieces (less than 1 mm cubed) will allow papain to begin cleaving the extracellular matrix molecules holding the cells together. (wikipedia.org)