• glucose
  • On Jan. 4 in ACS Chemical Biology , the researchers report that they have created several new versions of oxyntomodulin, including two that decreased blood glucose levels considerably in mice. (buffalo.edu)
  • amino acid
  • It involves engineering an oxyntomodulin molecule to include two groups of chemicals containing an amino acid called cysteine on different parts of the molecule, and then using a chemical linker to fasten those two groups together to make the molecule rigid. (buffalo.edu)
  • times
  • The experiments also showed that blocking oxyntomodulin prevented eating at unusual times from interfering with the liver's circadian clocks. (elifesciences.org)
  • Healthy overweight volunteers self-administered either saline or oxyntomodulin subcutaneously for four weeks, three times daily, 30 minutes before each meal, in a randomised double-blind parallel-group protocol. (isrctn.com)