• meteorite
  • Weichert U., Halliday A.N., Palme H., and Rumble D. (2004) Oxygen isotope evidence for rapid mixing of the HED meteorite parent body. (usra.edu)
  • Using the NanoSIMS (nanometer-scale secondary-ion mass spectrometer) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, Calif., Simon and scientists from LLNL, University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Chicago measured the concentrations of oxygen isotopes found in a calcium-aluminum-rich inclusion (CAI) contained in a piece of the Allende meteorite. (nasa.gov)
  • measurements
  • High-precision measurements of the attendant three-isotope fractionation line, and consequently the magnitude of the isotopic anomaly (17O), demonstrate that the slope of the line is independent of the nature of the carbonate but is controlled by empirical factors relating to the decomposition procedure. (open.ac.uk)
  • Processes
  • Nearly all chemical processes fractionate 17O and 18O in a mass-dependent way relative to 16O, a major exception being the formation of ozone from diatomic oxygen in the presence of UV radiation or electrical discharge. (open.ac.uk)