• substrate
  • Further classification into mono- and dioxygenases in based on whether the enzyme causes transfer of just one atom to the substrate (S) (eq. 1) or whether the whole molecule is incorporated into a single substrate (eq. 2a) or is shared by a pair of substrates (S, S′) (eq. 2b) ( 1, 2 ) 1 . (springer.com)
  • 4-(2',6'-dimethylphenoxy)-2,6- dimethylphenol (dimer), as the substrate have been studied. (worldwidescience.org)
  • Mechanism
  • Ab initio unrestricted Hartree-Fock calculations with a 6-31G* basis set were performed on 2, 6- dimethylphenol (DMP or monomer) and 4-(2, 6-dimethylphenoxy)-2, 6- dimethylphenol (dimer) to gain more insight into the mechanism of the copper-catalyzed oxidative phenol coupling reaction. (worldwidescience.org)
  • 1H NMR spectral data of polycaprolactone (PCL) obtained showed that the poly-merization mechanism is in agreement with the coordination-in-sertion mechanism and the selective cleavage of the acyl-oxygen bond of CL. (worldwidescience.org)