• Shoes
  • Orthopedic shoes, modifications and inserts must be prescribed by a podiatrist or physician knowledgeable in the fitting of orthopedic shoes and inserts. (mn.us)
  • MHCP will cover stock orthopedic shoes only if the shoes are an integral part of a covered leg brace and if they are medically necessary for the proper functioning of the leg brace. (mn.us)
  • MHCP will cover stock inserts only for use in covered orthopedic shoes. (mn.us)
  • Two pairs of orthopedic shoes and two pairs of inserts are covered without authorization in a calendar year. (mn.us)
  • Companies
  • In addition, companies are now focussing on the development of imaging modalities to overcome the existing limitation of CT scans for orthopaedic imaging. (mynewsdesk.com)