• reaction
  • A low compression, resilient golf ball having a center and a cover, made from a polybutadiene reaction product having polybutadiene, a cis-to-trans catalyst including an organosulfur component, and a free radical source. (google.es)
  • At least a portion of at least one of the center, intermediate layer, or both, are made from a reaction product including polybutadiene having a cis-to-trans catalyst that includes at least one organosulfur component and a free radical source. (google.es)
  • The reaction product has a first dynamic stiffness measured at −50 C. that is less than about 130 percent of a second dynamic stiffness measured at 0 C. Addition of various combinations of polybutadiene, cis-to-trans catalyst including at least one organosulfur component, free radical source, filler, and crosslinker, produce golf balls and golf ball components that are resilient (fast) and have low compression (soft). (google.es)
  • a cis-to-trans catalyst comprising at least one organosulfur component, wherein the reaction product comprises a sphere which has a midpoint having a first hardness and a surface having a second hardness such that the second hardness differs from the first hardness by greater than 10 percent of the first hardness. (google.es)