• Journal
  • Distribution of vasoactive intestinal peptide and its receptors in the arteries of the rabbit," Journal of Surgical Research , vol. 47, no. 2, pp. 105-111, 1989. (hindawi.com)
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  • Changes in isometric tension were recorded in helical strips of the arteries, and the presence of perivascular nerve containing NADPH diaphorase was histochemically demonstrated. (semanticscholar.org)
  • Next, mice were killed and ophthalmic arteries were isolated and changes in luminal artery diameter in response to the endothelium-dependent vasodilator acetylcholine and to the NO donor nitroprusside were measured using video microscopy. (arvojournals.org)
  • Smoking provokes perfusion changes in ophthalmic artery in smoker pregnant ladies. (sustech.edu)