• replication
  • This frequency of de novo mutations is close to that deducted from the reported error rate of polymerase gamma, the mitochondrial replication enzyme, implying that mtDNA replication errors made during oogenesis are a likely explanation. (genetics.org)
  • In conclusion, replication errors made during oogenesis are an important source of de novo mtDNA base substitutions and their location and heteroplasmy level determine their significance. (genetics.org)
  • early
  • An embryologist usually becomes interested in oogenesis with the realization that many of the decisions made by the cells in the early embryos reflect a distribution of determinants present in some form already in the egg prior to fertilization. (springer.com)
  • cell
  • The task of oogenesis is to construct a large cell containing a large and complex dowry of resources for construction of the embryo before it can either make them on its own or obtain them from its environment. (ucalgary.ca)
  • study
  • Authoritative and cutting-edge, Oogenesis: Methods and Protocols aims to ensure successful results in the further study of this vital field. (springer.com)