• peptide
  • News of this discovery caused a boon of research in this field, yielding more than 2,000 studies, which utilized Olivera's synthesized version of the Ω-GVIA peptide, active at concentrations of less than 1E-12M! (asbmb.org)
  • Research in this field finally resulted in the purification of the neuronal calcium channel, which was subsequently named after Olivera's peptide, "the conotoxin receptor. (asbmb.org)
  • In addition to the impact this discovery had in the field of neuroscience, a conotoxin peptide has been approved as a painkiller with strength exceeding that of morphine. (asbmb.org)
  • The lack of effect of the dihydropyridine was not due to restricted access since omega-conotoxin GVIA, a peptide toxin that blocks transmission at this synapse, rapidly blocked the calyx Ca current. (pnas.org)