• leaves
  • Bartolozzi F, Rocchi P, Camerini F, Fontanazza G (1999) Changes of biochemical parameters in olive ( Olea europaea L.) leaves during an entire vegetative season, and their correlation with frost resistance. (springer.com)
  • time
  • Olea SphereTM also offers optimal features for follow-up between different dates, modalities and series to efficiently track and assess different time points. (prweb.com)
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  • On the northeastern coast of Zakynthos island, Olea All Suite Hotel frames the natural beauty of this Ionian gem with an elevated location on a verdant hillside and through tropical-modernist structures that were designed to face the sea, the countryside, and the sunset. (designhotels.com)
  • With Olea," explains the businesswoman, "we wanted to take hospitality in Zakynthos one step further and introduce a resort that embraces in a contemporary way everything that makes this island so enchanting: from its warm-hearted people and the local culinary delights, to the lush vegetation and the majestic beaches. (designhotels.com)
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  • Olea is well positioned to grow exponentially through its product innovation, as well as direct and indirect sales channels in key global markets. (prweb.com)