• Riolan
  • The IMA becomes part of the collateral formation through the arc of Riolan or marginal artery Drummond resulting to increased intraluminal flow. (radiopaedia.org)
  • angiography
  • Ultrasound and catheter mesenteric angiography are reported to have approximately 70% sensitivity 3 but in practice are infrequently requested as a first line investigation, unless the presentation suggests another diagnosis (e.g. cholecystitis). (radiopaedia.org)
  • ischaemia
  • Depending on the how complete occlusion is, and whether or not collateral drainage is available, the combination of back pressure, and bowel wall thickening can lead to inadequate tissue perfusion leading to intestinal ischaemia, infarction and eventual necrosis 1 . (radiopaedia.org)