• immune
  • Studies have implicated the role of the immune system in ALS and researchers are investigating the use of immunotherapy as a strategy to slow down disease progression. (steadyhealth.com)
  • Prognosis for ataxia telangiectasia patients with functional immune systems? (steadyhealth.com)
  • Categories of people who are at an increased risk of getting the disease are children under the age of five, teenagers and college students living in dormitories, people who are older than 55, people living in crowded places like camps and hostels, people with certain chronic illnesses such as chronic heart, renal or lung disease, diabetes, cancer, and immune deficient syndromes. (steadyhealth.com)
  • brain
  • An MRI scan of the brain and spine is done to look for possible radiological evidence of the disease such as atrophy of the cerebellum. (steadyhealth.com)
  • Treatment
  • For the sake of trying to get the important messages through about this disease, we shall focus on the general way SCA presents, how it's diagnosed and what treatment protocols exist for it . (steadyhealth.com)