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  • Since AhR is necessary for several physiologic procedures and AhR-deficient mice possess a hyper-inflammatory phenotype, reduced AhR may donate to an extended oxidative tension. (paccon2016.com)
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  • The current proposal combines physiologic studies in select mouse models that have mutations in genes encoding critical proteins of the nutrient sensing and toxin efflux pathways to rigorously test the mechanism. (grantome.com)
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  • Further, in vitro Endothelial Cell (EC) culture studies have shown that plasma from the second and third weeks after MIS colorectal resection stimulated EC proliferation, migration, and invasion (all critical to neovascularization). (colorectalsurgerynyc.com)
  • The physiologic role for the bitter receptos in the GI tract has been enigmatic but our recent studies suggest bitter receptor signaling in the gut limits absorption of dietary bitter/toxic molecules by increasing expression of the ABCB1 efflux transporter that is known to limit cellular uptake of a wide variety of toxic small organic molecules. (grantome.com)
  • This publication studies contemporary advances in our realizing of the molecular and mobile mechanisms of angiogenesis, with a spotlight on find out how to combine those observations into the context of developmental, post-natal and pathological neovascularization. (gdyniadesigndays.eu)