• inproceedings{Mueller2015BuparvaquoneIA, title={Buparvaquone is active against Neospora caninum in vitro and in experimentally infected mice}, author={Joachim Mueller and Adriana Aguado-Mart{\'i}nez and Vera Manser and Vreni Balmer and Pablo Winzer and Dominic Ritler and Isabel Hostettler and David Arranz-Sol{\'i}s and Lu{\'i}s Miguel Ortega-Mora and Andrew Hemphill}, booktitle={International journal for parasitology. (semanticscholar.org)
  • After 60 days, positive ELISA titer for Neospora caninum was determined in one group of mice, which had been inoculated with the brain of the 4-month-old aborted fetus and Neospora tachyzoite-like organisms were detected in the peritoneal exudates of the mice. (duhnnae.com)
  • evidence of human
  • Retrospective testing of 3,232 serum samples from the general population and 518 serum samples from a high-risk group showed no evidence of human exposure to Neospora caninum in England. (cdc.gov)
  • among
  • phylogenetic analysis of the obtained sequences showed high homology among the Neospora recovered from different samples. (degruyter.com)