• Incidence
  • In an American study of a database of over 60,000 lung cancers, GCCL comprised between 0.3% and 0.4% of primary pulmonary malignancies, with an age-adjusted incidence rate of about 3 new cases per million persons per year. (wikipedia.org)
  • subsequent
  • Analyses of multiple primary malignancies serve as a guide to the probable anatomic location of a subsequent primary and help define characteristics of the individual at high risk for multiple primary cancer. (indigo.ca)
  • Synchronous
  • The synchronous occurence of primary carcinomas of endometrium and ovary is well recognized. (edu.pl)
  • We report a rare case of synchronous primary carcinomas of endometrium and ovary, followed by a metachronous retroperitoneal MPNST. (edu.pl)
  • potentially
  • Studies of multiple primaries provide an efficient means for quantifying potentially harmful effects of current therapeutic modalities. (indigo.ca)